LunaOS is an open source operating system specifically for consumer-facing personal robots based on Linux ( and ROS libraries (


Our mission is to make personal robots as pervasive as personal computing. 

We will do so by providing a free and open source operating system (LunaOS), guidelines for standards-based and affordable personal robot hardware platforms, and fostering of a vibrant community of developers who's aim is to deliver applications and services that create a rich end user experience.

The Need for LunaOS

Introducing an open and standards-based approach to robotics will usher in the era of useful and affordable personal robots. History has already proven the significant role that open and standard platforms play in the commercialization of technologies we commonly use today. The open/standard model of personal computer  introduced by IBM is but one great example of how the removal of proprietary technology from enabling technologies has lead to decades of intense innovation, rises in quality and affordability, and accelerating adoption by end users. 

An open operating system specifically designed for personal robots based on existing standards will encourage investment and innovations in other areas of robotics - namely affordable hardware and application/service space - by removing the necessity for vendors/developers to invest in robotic software platforms. This is a win-win for both developers as well as end users... and in our view, is a step without which we will not see personal robots materialize anytime soon.         

Key Features

Luna App Store 
  • Discovery and single-click installation of applications by end user
  • Uniform development/deployment environment for distribution of applications & services
  • Financial transaction infrastructure for both end users and developers 
Support for Luna Expansion Port (LXP)
  • Simple driver model for support of any sensor/actuator over standard USB (comm port over USB)
Luna CloudNet 
  • A web service enabling developers to offer cloud-based computing intensive services over the network (eg object recognition via cloud)
  • Financial transaction infrastructure for service providers, developers, and end users


Can I buy a robot today that runs LunaOS?


RoboDynamics has introduced Luna, world's first personal robot platform, that is currently being pre-sold through the RoboDynamics website.

Can I make my own robot and use LunaOS?


In fact, it is our hope that you do. Please visit the hardware support pages for information about minimum hardware requirements.

Who are the people behind LunaOS?

LunaOS began as an internal project at RoboDynamics in an effort to equip the Luna personal robot with an operating system that could satisfy end users (as opposed to developers and researchers, which are the target audience of all existing robotic operating systems). 

LunaOS is an open source project and is administered by a group of community volunteers. We encourage anyone to join and contribute to LunaOS. Please visit the Getting Started guide and/or join the mailing lists to get involved. You can read more about the history of LunaOS on the About page.